If lost, get them home quickly! Pet I.D. Wallets fit most collars and allow you to insert more information about your pet such as; pet and owner’s names, phone number, address, vet and allergies info, etc. Information is written on waterproof and tear proof special paper. Wallets are made with nylon and attached with velcro. Reflective strip increases visibility and security. Weatherproof and washable. Available in two sizes: small for cats and small dogs (fits collars from 3/8″ to 3/4″ width) and large (fits collars from 1″ to 1 1/4″ width).

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Upscale furniture for you and your bird. Recreation Center, sized for cockatiels to cockatoos, features two toy hooks, two ladders, slide-out grate, skirt, and three perches. Handy storage shelf on base. Offered in a variety of finishes. Sapphire blue, emerald green, and ruby are smooth, glossy, translucent finishes. Platinum and pearl white are textured finishes. Powder coated finishes are zinc and lead free. Stainless steel finish is medical grade.

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MENDOTA – Matching Leash and Lead for exercise and training whether walking in the park or field. Leash and collar in one design allows for correction and easy use. Adjustable leather slide eliminates slipping off, yet releases properly in relaxed position. Handy for exercise or breezing out at rest stops.

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This retractable cord leash features an ergonomically shaped soft grip handle made of soft rubber and comes in attractive 2-tone casing. Extends up to 16 foot and available in 3 sizes: Small dogs up to 16 pounds, medium dogs up to 44 pounds and large dogs up to 110 pounds.

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Microchip Identification System. Permanent identification comes from a tiny microchip that’s quickly and safely injected into your pet under the skin’s surface. Although this chip comes ready to administer with instructions, it is strongly recommended that this be administered by a Veterinarian. The non-crypted microchip has a unique identification code that can be read with a hand-held scanner. This identification code can be registered with the AKC for a $12.50 fee per chip

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